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Quick About Me 


I've replaced many essential things, and upgraded others in my Saab, and i'm here to share it with other SAAB enthusiasts, and hopefully help them through the restoration, or even the tuning process.

Mine - 1986 Saab 900 Turbo, 16-Valve, Slate Blue, Approx. 235,400 miles


Bear with me, i'm slowly but surely adding more to the site daily. The 86' 900T is no longer with us... being the older model manual gearbox.. I knew it would only be a matter of time... once again I thank you for all your visits and support! 

Check out the links section for a great variety of SAAB OEM Parts and Accessory sites, along with some other fun misc. items! 


Enjoy, Thanks for visiting!


The following things have been replaced/added to, in my Saab 900:

 •Switched to Royal Purple 20/50 Synthetic Oil. 

•New Front brake Calipers, pads and hardware.

•Ignition Cylinder, Switch and Reverse Lockout Mechanism. 

•Radiator Mounted Engine Oil Cooler(Aftermarket). 

•Swedish Dynamics Red Series Fuel Injectors.

•Swedish Dynamics Red Series APC(with other modifications done)

•Kilen Sport Lowering Springs W/ cut bump stops.

•Coolant Temperature Sensor

•Coolant Reservoir

•Radiator, and Fan Sensor

•Bumper Bracket, and clear Turn Signal Lenses

•Converted to Mobil 1 75-90 Synthetic Gearbox Oil W/ "Power Punch" Extreme Pressure Gear Oil additive(to prevent wear) 

•Gloss black refinished Grille W/ matching Headlight Bezels 

•Turn Signal/Cruise Control Switch

•All new taillight lenses 

•Fuel Filter

•Air Mass Meter

•Oil/Oil Filter

•Front Engine Mount 

•Heater Control Valve 

•Upper Heater Hose

•Blue 4mm Vacuum lines

•Black HID Projector Headlights W/8000k 35w Bi-Xenons

•L.E.D Dome, Dash and License Plate Lights

•Boost Gauge(Measured in PSI up to 30)

•Full Upper Gaskets